So RCA had finally sent us a box of the Peach and Lee singles. We had no idea about distribution, what kind of promotion they were doing for our record or when it would get played on the radio. What we did know is we’d heard nothing from RCA and we were tired of waiting. “Hey… let’s just take our new record to the local radio station ourselves… surely they’ll play it… after all we’re on RCA for Pete’s Sake!”

How green were we? NEON green baby!! So… of course there’s a narrative… an existing norm between radio stations and record distributors of which we knew nothing about. (Nor did we care) All we new is we had managed to land a national contract with RCA Records and WE wanted to hear our record on the radio!

So… we go down to the local radio station and talk to one of the DJ’s who of course is somewhat bewildered. We show him the record and give him a short background story in an attempt to convince him it’s not some kind of con. At some point we finally got to talk to Bob Wallace program director for station KRCB… and he was kinda blown away by our story. Now I’m not sure whether he made phone calls to confirm our story or not but… several days later we were driving around Manawa Lake in Council Bluffs listening to the radio and BAM!! The DJ comes on.. tells a little story about us.. then plays the single.

Holy Cow!!… right? That’s what Larry and I had been working for since the moment we got together. To hear our own music on the radio… I mean it doesn’t get much better than that! We pulled the car off the road… we jumped out and danced around a bit like manic monkeys… then got back in the car and said: “Ok what’s next??” “Well… let’s contact the newspaper”. “Of course!!”

That was a magic moment still frozen in time for me. Peach and Lee were on their way! Right ? Right… At least that’s what we thought. (Go To: “Peach And Lee Versus The Omaha World Herald” next for the rest of the story.)