The American Crow is many things to many people… however in this particular case the Crow is there to represent all the musicians, singers and songwriters who have left us here on The Good Earth for the next realm…. whatever that realm may be.

We have all stood high on the shoulders of true giants who left their indelible mark on us. Many artists we will never see the likes of again. Most anyone who’s ever walked on a stage in an attempt to entertain others knows this inherently. It ain’t all that easy!

There’s more rejection than acceptance… more failure than success. AND.. all those who achieved some measure of success paid a heavy price for it… one way or another…whether you know it or acknowledge it… they did. It’s a given. It’s the Devil at the Crossroads. The Crow is on our album to pay homage to all those who came before us… then for whatever reason… left before us. And seriously… where the hell would we all be without them? “Thank God For Vinyl. “ …Arlis