June 13th 2023 

This,… is Exciting News !!! ( Referring to the new Peach and Lee album)

I played in a Band with Larry, and Arlis,.. Twice !   I left CT and moved to NE to join the Band after hearing their Demo tape,..  I was Blown away, and thought I’d be the perfect fit with these guys.  I stayed in NE and gigged with the band for just over a year. When they decided to move to CA, I left the band and moved back to CT. I loved the band, but I’d already moved to CA a few times before, and now I just wanted to go back home to CT. 

Then, about a year latter, just before I got married I got the call to rejoin them in CA. I said “Yes !”, and right after my honeymoon weekend my wife and I left CT, and drove out to Hollywood, CA to join them.  Before we moved to CA, I  had promised my wife that no matter what, we would go back East for a big Guru festival that summer.

When that time came, we were just about out of money,.. It was a hard decision to quit the band, but I kept my promise to her, and we drove back, moved back, to CT.  There was just no way to go back to CA, we were simply out of money,.. it was time for me to find a way to survive back in CT. 

I’ve been telling everyone about just how great Larry and Arlis, were/are,.. for decades.  Now, they are gong to be able to hear them, and know, I wasn’t exaggerating !! …FRED C. BOVA

Mendin’ fences on the South 40. Hilly – Fred – Arlis – Larry