So the name Peach & Lee was never meant to be the bands name. Not ever…Not no how…Not “No Way Baby” . Larry and I went through thousands of band names over the years. It’s like naming your child… it’s very important cause you could be stuck with it for a very long time… right?

After awhile you run out of idea’s for names and you get desperate. So for example… we would go into the kitchen and start naming things we’d see. The Forks, The Toasters, The Drawers, The Can Openers… Ok, you get the picture. It’s hard to come up with a good name you won’t regret in a couple of days let alone a couple of years.

During the short time we were with RCA Records the name of the band was actually The Makers. Yea … I know it’s pitiful but it was better than The Toasters and we had thrown out hundreds of other names at the time. Well.. RCA wanted to call us Peach & Lee from the jump-street but Larry and I were absolutely against it. We refused the idea because we were a band. We were not a duo like Peter & Gordon or Chad & Jeremy (popular duos at the time). Peach & Lee were merely the songwriter/singers of the band… NOT the whole band.

Anyway we waited for what seemed like forever after recording the single when we finally got a box in the mail from RCA. We gathered round and excitedly opened the box and there it was “Hold On” by Peach and Lee. WHAT??? Peach & Lee ?? RCA just changed our name without even contacting us? Yes… they did. I also remember being upset about the label itself. I wanted to see our name on that iconic black label with the RCA dog listening to his Masters Voice on that old Victrola!! Instead it’s this funky orange-ish colored label with a giant RCA logo at the side. Not exactly a classic!!

So… what to do? Well nothing because within that same year we received “releases” in the mail from our contract with RCA with no explanation (that’s another story) and we were back on our own.

In hindsight I guess we were destined to be Peach & Lee no matter what we called ourselves. There had been many iterations of the band and many different players but it was always our band. Whether we were called The Ladds, Bandit, Rockit or The Makers it was actually just the next or latest version of The Peach & Lee Band. Which is probably what we should have called ourselves in the first place.

“ROCK-N-ROLL”… That’s what the Poster says.