So we didn’t stop after going to the radio station to promote our record… oh no. We walked into the Omaha World Herald and ask to speak to a staff writer or anyone that would listen. You need to do a story on us…we said. You know “Local Boys Do Good”… or something like that? Don’t get me wrong… we were respectful… but we were also “On a mission from God!” (Blues Brothers) As I look back on it now, yea… we were pretty damn bold and probably just a bit cocky.

So the initial response from the newspaper was… the same ole story, same ole song and dance…”Who the hell are these guys and what do they want?” and of course there was the disbelief. But… this time we had the local radio station across the river to back us up because they were already playing the record. They finally decided to do an article on us with a photo… and as I look back on it now… it’s pretty damn funny. They also interviewed Bob Wallace the radio station program director about us and included his comments in the article. Thanks to Larry’s sister Caroline who had somehow miraculously saved a copy and sent it to us… here’s that article.